31 July 2011

Breaking Bad

There are surveillance cameras in the lab now. Not sure why there weren't before, actually. Walter flips a camera the bird, because he's such a badass.

Skyler finally gets a hold of Walter, who has been hiding from her on account of his massive black eye. She's worried for his safety, and actually suggests him turning himself in to the police. He explains that he had an argument with a coworker, and he didn't retaliate because Mike's "a much older man". Yeah, a much older man who pwned you.

After work, Jesse asks Walter to go out to do Go-Karts. Awww, how sweet. Walter turns him down and Jesse goes on the saddest solo Go-Kart ride ever. And no wonder he's avoiding home - it's now a full-on crackhouse. Like, just as bad as the one Walter pulled him out of after Jane died. The house looks great on the outside, but the inside is pathetic as hell. It's like a house full of meth zombies. Oy. Jesse.

Walter and Skyler meet with Saul to discuss money laundering opportunities. She's still insistent on getting the car wash. And the bitch actually figures out a way to get it -- by having Bill Burr "discover" issues with contaminated water. Sure enough, Mr. Eyebrows calls Skyler to take her up on her offer to buy - which she lowers from the original offer. This Skyler's a damn criminal mastermind!

Marie's going further off the deep end, attending several Open Houses under fake identities with very complex backstories. When she gets home to her real life, Hank is pissed because she bought Fritos instead of Cheetos, and bought him a Fantasy Football magazine too soon. She gets caught stealing trinkets from the houses and is arrested, but charges aren't pressed.

One of Hank's cop buddies pops by to show Hank something and get his expertise - they found Gale's notebook in his apartment. His detailed, how-to-cook-meth-in-a-superlab notebook. Great....

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