27 July 2011

The Challenge: Rivals

Adam's in love with Jenn cuz he's into chicks with broad shoulders and horrible eyebrows. They make out, but then it's hysterical he said/she said time, as he brags about it to the guys and is clearly in love, while she disses him behind his back for being a gross loser.

Jasmine and Jonna do that drunk-girls-slow-talking-and-kind-of-fighting thing that girls do, and it somehow results in Jasmine stripping off her mic and saying she's leaving. But Evan just picks her ass up and has everyone treat Jasmine like a 3 year old, or a strung-out girl, and everything's fine.

Challenge: Extreme Whitewater Rapids! Extreme Snoring!

Winners: Jenn and Mandi.

Losers: Sarah and Katelynn. Everyone decides to send the fiery black chicks in against them - Jasmine and Jonna.

The Jungle: One girl is buried under hay and dirt. She has to be dug out by her partner and then they solve a puzzle together.

Bye-bye: Sarah and Katelynn, despite Sarah's insistence - in fact, her guarantee - that they would win any puzzle challenge. Good riddance - I'm sick of looking at Katelynn's disturbing close-eyes.

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Kim said...

Katelynn must have been one ugly dude, yet she's still one ugly chick too.