26 July 2011

Breaking Bad

Walter does his gun shopping in a hotel room. He buys a gun with the serial number filed off and practices his draw in his condo. And he packs the gun along with his brown bag lunch.

Jesse has a Roomba and a sweet new sound system, and appears to be doing nothing but smoking. Badger and Skinny Pete come by to hang, and hilarity ensues. Jesse's back to full-on using and, despite their initial protests that they're doing the 12 steps, his boys join him. They debate video games and Nazi zombies, but Jesse doesn't appear to be having much fun, and can't get high enough. Time for a house party, after which the Roomba has a hard time maneuvering, what with all the passed-out bodies on the floor. Jesse's still able to go to work the next morning though, so more power to him.

Walter and Jesse have a new watcher, and Mike tells the guys they're never going to see Gus again. So much for being able to draw that gun. He drives by Gus's house at night and I'm just screaming, "Come on, idiot, leave it alone!" But oh snap - he puts on the Heisenberg hat!!!!!!! As he approaches the house, his phone rings - Walter's too dumb to put it on silent - and it's Mike - "Go home, Walter."

House Party Day 2, and this time they've ordered pizza from a place that doesn't slice it - that way they pass the savings on to you. Jesse's old girl comes by - he left her a fat wad of cash after he (well, Walter) killed the dudes who killed her brother. After a 3-day bender, everyone leaves and poor Jesse's left all alone with his feelings, so that won't end well.

Skyler runs surveillance on the car wash she wants to buy, so that she can make an appropriate offer to the owner. Mr. Eyebrows isn't interested in selling to Walter, since he quit and grabbed his nuts in his general direction.

Walter tries to bond with Mike over their fear of Gus. Walter wants to get in a room with Gus so that he can take care of things. Holy crap! Mike proceeds to beat the crap out of Walter; someone's displacing his anger.

And Hank? Hank has his minerals he's been buying off the internet -- a lot of minerals. And Marie is treating him a little too much like a child. She needs to back off.

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