22 July 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Thursday

I'm in San Diego for Comic-Con 2011, and so I should probably brag about that.

We spent Thursday morning in the Exhibit Hall to avoid the Twilight: Breaking Dawn panel. We got some cool stuff from The Walking Dead and saw Chris Evans and Hulk Hogan signing autographs. Toward the end of the Twilight panel, we headed to Hall H, thinking we could line up, as the place would empty out immediately following. Imagine my surprise when we were able to get seats. Either Hall H is bigger than I thought, or 6500 Twi-hards couldn't get their passes this year. What I saw of the panel was what I remembered from years ago - they're all just weird and awkward, and even from the back I could hear shrieking when Jacob took his shirt off in the trailer. I also got to hear a young girl ask if Edward enjoyed making a baby with Bella. So yeah- how can you not be awkward on that panel?

Once all the Tweens and their moms left, we were able to move very close to the front.  The Film District panel featured Drive and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. The former looks like a retro, badass action flick and the latter looks scary as hell. I don't know if I'll see it, but Guillermo Del Toro produced it and he is simply awesome. He is funny and self-depricating and geeky and I love him. He traveled here from Toronto to do Comic-Con despite having a bad back. You wouldn't know it, except that he mentioned it. He was still funny and vulgar (man uses the f-word like a god) and wonderful. 

Pee Wee Herman popped by unexpectedly and randomly to do a little panel and he was hysterical. He's working on a Pee Wee road trip movie with Judd Apatow. 

The 20th Century Fox panel gave us Charlize Theron for Prometheus, Andy Serkis for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried for In Time. Ridley Scott is directing Prometheus, and he did a video chat from Iceland. He's awesome too. Just so smart and personable and awesome. Funny too. He's doing the movie in 3D (the clips we saw were cool - it's kind of set in the Alien world without being a prequel) and says he'll only work in 3D from now on. I'm not a big fan of 3D, but he said he does it because of the depth of field and how you get enveloped by what's going on in the background. So I'll let the master slide on this one. 

Andy Serkis talked about doing motion capture for the main ape in Rise. He's made me a believer - it looks really cool and I hope it's good. If anything, it'll be interesting to watch it for the technical aspects. 

Mike got a major Nerd Boner when JT (he's a big fan of his SNL work) came out for an Andrew Niccol (he wrote Gattaca) film, In Time. And I'll tell you, that movie looks cool. Total sci-fi set in an original world. In the future, time is currency and no one lives past 25 unless you buy, earn, or otherwise get extra time. Weird premise, but the clips looked great. It'll be cool to see some original sci-fi action. And, yeah, I enjoy JT as an actor. Actually, there are a bunch of great actors in the movie, including Pete Campbell from Mad Men looking like a total asshole villain. Can't wait. 

We closed out the day with a panel featuring Jon Favreau and Guillermo Del Toro shooting the shit. They're both incredibly funny, they're both fanboys, and they have a real friendship and respect for each other. It was awesome to listen to them. They talked about everything, Guillermo cursed a lot, called himself a "weird, fan m-fer" twice, and gave out his email address. On occasion, he invites random fans to the set. Seriously, the guy is amazing. I am deeply in love with Guillermo Del Toro.


How we really closed out the day was with an amazing Mexican meal at Fred's. I love nothing more than a great meal after a long, hard day of sitting on my ass. 

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