30 July 2011

Captain America: Eff Yeah!

I loved Captain America: The First Avenger and thought it was another in the long line of amazing Marvel superhero flicks. They've all been so different when you think about it, too. It's pretty fun to have a superhero movie that's also a period piece set during WWII. It really worked.

Chris Evans kept the typical Snarky Chris Evans Schtick down to a dull roar. And I'm a fan of the typical Snarky Chris Evans Schtick! But it really wasn't there which was nice. You really just got a nice, kind of shy, heroic guy from him. Perfect for Captain America.

I didn't know how they were going to explain the whole "Captain America" name, outfit, etc, but the way they did was perfect. He was essentially a USO performer who then became a real soldier. A real soldier who can jump! and throw a shield! and kickass! I bought it; I loved it.

I have a question though - Captain America's still a virgin, right? A really hot, buff virgin?

But of course it was all just leading up to the teaser for The Avengers after the credits. I was seeing this movie a week later than normal because of Comic-Con, but the place was still pretty crowded. And everyone who stayed had a collective nerdgasm during the trailer, applause and shouting included. That was some geeky fun right there - can't wait til next summer!!!

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