14 June 2011

SYTYCD: CliffsNotes Version

So I've been a little caught up in catching up on Breaking Bad. As a result, So You Think You Can Dance (and everything else in life, really) suffers. Truthfully, the auditions were never my favorite part anyway - they just add up to a lot of time wasted on dancers who suck or dancers you'll never see again. Once I had a good 5 or 6 hours of them backed up on the ol' DVR, I knew there was no way I was going to sit through them.

So instead, I'm starting with the episode where the Top 20 are chosen. They're the only dancers who will matter anyway, and lord knows they love to recap on this show, so I'll see enough background. Let's go!

Wait - Mary Murphy has blonde hair!? I missed a LOT!

They're mixing in performances with the Top 20 announcement this year. (Also, they're going to bring in All-Stars once there's a Top 10. Yay!) I like this CliffsNotes version - just get right to the good stuff!

First impressions

Contemporary dancers:

1. Ricky - is awesome
2. Miranda - annoys me
3. Sasha - shocker they picked her and not her fat sister
4. Melanie

They performed a really lovely routine, and I liked all of them. So let's hope Miranda keeps her mouth shut.

Hip hop dancers:

5. Chris
6. Wadi
7. Tadd
8. Robert

I love me some hip hop. Shocker - I loved the Asian guy, Tadd. Wadi seemed really good too. And I'm reminded how much I rely on this show for exposure to awesome music - that Swizz Beatz jam was the truth.

Our sole Ballroom dancer:

9. Iveta - Goddamn, I hate me some Russian ballroom dancers. I remember this chick from previous years' auditions. She annoys me. And she's old and weathered as balls. (So old, in fact, that she's hitting the age limit for the show.) Worse yet - PASHA'S back to pair with her since there are no other ballroom dancers. Oh Christ, this skeevy dude again.... I already hate her most - and can't imagine the douchechills when she performs hip hop. Let's see if I'm wrong.

Jazz dancers:

10. Clarice - she's adorable and I love her
11. Marko - Asian AND a bullet lodged in his shoulder? Love him.
12. Jordan - might be too "I'm sexy" for me; we'll see
13. Missy - oh, I'm sorry, SHE'S "the sexy one". Oy.

Their routine was awesome. I thought they were all good, but it was also a Sonya Tayeh routine and they're always amazing.

Misc. dancers:

14. Nick - tap dancer - I'm in love
15. Jess - Broadway dancer - annoys me

The routine was fun but Jess is hammy as shit. Nick, on the other hand, has SOMETHING and damn but I hope he's the one this year who you don't expect to be versatile but ends up being amazing at everything. I don't even usually like tap dancers, but he has a presence. For a white boy.

More contemporary dancers:

16. Caitlynn - cute, and Nigel loves her so she's probably cool
17. Ashley
18. Mitchell
19. Alexander - they picked him over someone who looked hot as hell. I hate you.
20. Ryan - I remember her from last year

They were all great in a beautiful Travis Wall routine.

Now it's time for some bonus group routines! YAYYYYYY!

All the guys do hip hop. The routine was epic and hot. I'm in love with this choreographer, Chris Scott. He mixes styles and he's amazing. Love him so much and hope he does every episode!

All of the girls do a Sonya Tayeh routine - wow, they are really starting them all off working hard this year! Beautiful and twisted, as always.

The final Top 20 Tyce routine is good, but seems to be channeling Sonya. Better that than the usual Tyce crap I guess. There are too many people in those huge routines. I tried to keep my eye on my white boy, and I think he did pretty well.

Nice group of dancers this year! I'm excited! But I hope this Robin chick isn't a permanent judge - her plastic face is so hard to look at. Orange Mary Murphy is enough for me.

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