17 June 2011

Green Lantern

I don't even know what to say.

Honestly, I wanted to just write, "That. Effing. Sucked."

Here -- let me offer Mike's review: "It was alright. I hope it makes a lot of money so they can make another one and improve it."

If you know Mike, that's the equivalent of the Worst. Movie. Ever.

OK. So. Green Lantern. I guess from the beginning I was worried I wouldn't like it. Because of it being so alien and about outer space and not based in realism. But then I saw Thor. I had the same worries about Thor and it turned out fine. And I mean, come on - Ryan Reynolds! He's hot and snarky - gotta love him.


Dialogue? Atrocious. "Plot"? Nonexistent. Character development? Zippy. No, really, the dialogue was so awful it was cringe-worthy. Corny (and NOT corny in a self-aware way, just plain bad) and stilted and lifeless. The whole movie was joyless. I think that sums it up. Look, they're not all gonna be The Dark Knight, but at least be entertaining. If I were the kind of person who would walk out of a movie, I would have left this one. It's that horrid.

I'm disappointed. I was hoping it would be decent. But if you see one movie about an intergalactic corps of aliens that save the universe starring Ryan Reynolds, make it Super 8.

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