15 June 2011

SYTYCD: Performances

Guest Judge: Megan Mullally, which is random, but she danced a little back in the day and loves the show.

First Injury of the Season: Mitchell injured his elbow. Oh Jesus, they're already starting to drop? After last season, I expect this one to turn deadly.

1. Jordan and Tadd - African Jazz by Sean Cheesman. It was a typically quirky, high-energy routine and they partnered really well together.

2. Sasha and Alexander - Contemporary by Travis Wall. It was a typically amazing Travis Wall routine. Sasha has a really strong, commanding presence - she's a good actor. I loved it!

3. Clarice and Jess - Broadway by Tyce. Oh great. I hate Jess and I hate Broadway. It was just as I expected - fine, forgettable, and annoying. Jess + Showtunes = FML.

4. Ryan and Ricky - Lyrical Hip Hop by Christopher Scott, my New Favorite Choreographer. She's a white chick, so she was alright (and way too smiley), but I thought Ricky was hella smooth.

5. Caitlynn and Mitchell - Jazz by Sonya. Well, no wonder Mitchell was injured. Sonya's tough. So Robert from last season is back! YAY HOTTIE ROBERT!!! Caitlynn was really good - I like her a lot. And I know Robert was 1000 times better than Mitchell would have been. Cuz he's freaking HOT.

6. Miranda and Robert - Latin by Jason Gilkison. Oh god they're both annoying. It was a weird-ass routine. 60's vibe, pop music, but was supposed to be Latin. It looked like the damn jive. I don't know what it was, but I know it annoyed me. Ugh, Robert has a catch phrase. I officially hate him. Nigel wasn't as impressed as the other judges were either. Nigel's usually right.

7. Missy and Wadi - Jazz by Sean Cheeseman. I love Wadi but Missy's one of those "sexy" ones. It was a really fast, aggressive routine. I thought they were great together.

8. Melanie and Marko - Contemporary by Travis Wall. Wow, the routine was great and they are both really strong dancers. Probably my favorite pair!!! And I say this in spite of the highly literal statue costumes.

9. Ashley and Chris - Hip hop by Christopher Scott. I would have preferred it if they hadn't done the routine to "Forget You" - far too cheery and upbeat for me. It was pretty good. But I feel a bit betrayed by my New Favorite Choreographer. I want something harder! (TWSS) I foresee a controversy about the fact that it looked like Chris was emulating a school shooting. Seriously. Americans are that sensitive.

10. Iveta and Nick - Ballroom by Jason Gilkison. No. No No NO! That old bitch is gonna be paired with MY MAN!? And they're dancing Ballroom? NO! I just watched him the whole time, since I assumed she would be excellent (she's the Quickstep Champion or some crap). He was great! Maybe having the tap background helped with the quick footwork? But the fact that he handled the choreography was amazing. I guess I should like Iveta for not ruining him.

All in all, I'd like to say goodbye to Jess. Please.

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