05 June 2011

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class was awesome!

It's the kind of real superhero movie I like where it's grounded in reality, with people discovering special abilities and becoming superheroes. I also like that it's set against real history - Nazis, the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the 60s setting means people get to say "groovy" and wear miniskirts.

Michael Fassbender is a freaking god and is amazing as Magneto. Magneto has the best power because he gets to flick his wrist and make things happen. Cool, sudden arm and hand movements get me, what can I say. They just look cool. He's definitely badass.

Everybody's really good in it actually. I mean, I generally have a disdain for January Jones, and even she gets a pass from me here. There are 2 cameos from people we've come to know in the other X-Men movies that are pretty cool.

It's a good time and if you're like me you spend the whole movie waiting for Professor X and Magneto to makeout. No? Just me? OK then, you'll still enjoy it.

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