16 June 2011

SYTYCD: Results

The opening performance was an obvious Sonya and obviously amazing.

Mitchell's still sitting his injured ass in the audience.

Bottom 3:

Jordan and Tadd - Well, that's kind of bullcrap, but someone has to be in the bottom and they're all pretty damn good.

Clarice and Jess - There is a god!!! Thank you, Jesus.

Miranda and Robert - That's totally fair as well. So YAY! America rules tonight!

For the professional performance we got more crummy Russian folk dancing by some crummy Russian dude. Please die and bring on the hip hop!

Random Observation of the Night: Melanie's eyes are really close together.

Miranda was the only girl who tried in her solo, and Tadd killed in his.

In an unprecedented move, Nigel asks 2 boys to dance solos again: Mitchell and Robert. I don't see the point, since they dance the exact same things they did before. Hey Nigel, get a DVR and just rewind the damn thing! Seems like a pointless bit of "controversy" and stalling to me. Nigel continues to stall by going through the girls and then putting off that decision too. Jesus Christ, now I'm getting pissed off.

Bye-bye: No one.

OK, look, I like this show but that's effing retarded. There are too many people here already -- START CUTTING!!! So 4 people go home next week. STUPID. Not to mention, the show went long so the DVR cut it off.

I'm pissed, show. I'm pissed. And also lame.

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