03 May 2010


Starbuck's still being waterboarded, Mrs. Pompadour is still yammering on and on, and Logan is still conspiring to have Starbuck killed once she gives up information. Can I just say waterboarding looks quite awful and I feel like I'm suffocating just watching it from the couch?

Meanwhile, Jack and Freddie Prinze, Jr. work together to rescue Starbuck, sneaking over rooftops, and I kind of wish Jack and Freddie had been working together all season long, not just at the end. Jack gets in a nice kill shot - R.I.P. to D.B. Sweeney - and they nab Starbuck.

The manly Freddie-Jack face-off just makes me miss Tony more. They had some hot face-offs. Starbuck takes them to a safety deposit box containing a video file that will implicate the Russians.

Shout-out to the hysterical bit where Logan and President Taylor are talking on the phone -- and she's like, "Do you have me on speaker!?" Also the bit where she hangs up on him and he is clearly offended but continues the conversation so his aide doesn't know. Love him! Anyway, Logan recommends putting his aide in charge of the Bauer manhunt, because he has FBI experience or something - and he's a good shot, what with his eyes being too close together and all.

When Freddie and Starbuck open the safety deposit box, she has gone all Jason Bourne and planted a flash-bang grenade type thing in advance. He's unconscious, she kills the banker, and takes the contents of the box and runs. But first she calls 911 and sends them Jack's way. That's OK - he shoots a cop in the foot and catches up to Starbuck eventually.

And he shoots her dead once she gives up the video file. R.I.P. Starbuck - you could have been way more awesome on this show. Hey, I wonder if they'll ever find that dead guy you shoved into the wall? That'll be fun.

The best part of the show is definitely that the Asian Dude at CTU's last name is Rosenthal. That made me LOL.

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Karen said...

1. Dude, that assistant DOES have narrow eyes and I laughed out loud because I can't believe we didn't notice it before.
2. They of course conveniently place a "bad" guy to redirect the moral compass of CTU. But whatever. Now Chloe can be her usual sneaky self helping Jack and I dont' have to feel conflicted! Woo hoo!
3. I don't have much to add, but I was shocked that Jack killed Dana pointblank at the end. I mean, back in the day he usually did take the Justice Highroad and just turn them over to authorities...maybe torture them, but not kill them himself. But Nina was different (in the end) because she offed his wife and kept trying to kill him. So Dana I guess indirectly offed Renee?

Next week- Jack-induced torture baby!!!!!!!