18 May 2010


I'm just back from a quick trip to New York which, unfortunately, did not involve a tour of CTU: NY. I didn't see Jack Bauer anywhere, but I did go past the United Nations, and I was always on alert for Russians.

We open with Charles Logan getting his props at the press conference. That's a happy man right there; gotta love it. But once he finds out that Jack gutted the Russian, the panic sets in - he's coming for you next, Charles Logan!!

Logan tells President Taylor that Jack still has the evidence - and a blond journalist to give it to - and now it's President Dumbass's turn to panic. Logan tells her to cover that S up before she gets criminally prosecuted. He doesn't have pity for her, telling her every decision was hers and he just did what she wanted. Yeah, bitch, he's going to throw you under the bus and then back it over you. President Taylor orders a raid on the Blond Journalist's office to seize any evidence she has. Really? Is this Communist China? You can do that? I guess so, because they say her evidence is a national security risk. Blond Journalist has some balls - she calls Hassan's family to tell them about the Russian conspiracy. Ballsy, considering she was The Other Woman just a few hours ago. The FBI tracks her down just as she tells Hassan's daughter vague things about the Russians and advises her against signing the peace accord.

Jack has Michael Madsen trace Logan's phone number from the undigested SIM card, and uploads Logan's route to Jack's phone. Then Jack cuts MM loose, telling him to start erasing all ties. Too bad that was after Chloe figured out (somehow, and quickly) that MM is the guy helping Jack. Then Jack gets into full freaking armored riot gear and launches an assault on Logan's caravan. Logan can tells it's Jack and quite hilariously freaks out for the 100th time tonight.

Jesus, Jack is relentless. It's like a horror movie. Um, there's really no coming back from just outright murdering a former President, no matter how slimy he may be. Eventually, Logan is forced out of the car with tear gas. Hell, it was probably mustard gas the way Jack is acting.

Logan caves quickly, saying, "I'm not the bad guy here!" He sells out Novakovich super-fast. Singing like a canary, that Logan. Jack gives Logan the ol' Rear Naked Choke and takes off. He mows down a bunch of Russians making his way to Novakovich, but gets stabbed a little. You've been stabbed worse, Jack. Jack brutally takes out everyone, including Novakovich (with a fireplace poker through the gut).

Chloe pulls Freddie Prinze, Jr. out of holding and tasks him with tracking down Michael Madsen and finding out where Jack is.

Logan calls the Russian President and tells him about the Russian Massacre. Turns out the Russian President is the real baddie and Logan ratted out Novakovich to protect him. Luckily, Jack planted a bug on Logan and heard everything. Unluckily, Jack continues bleeding all over the streets of NYC.

At this point, I just don't see how this can end well. I really don't care about the Russian President being the Big Bad. At any rate, Jack sure has done a lot of cold-blooded rampaging -- how does he justify all of that? How can he get away with it? Oy.


Karen said...

We just watched it too!! Welcome back! You were missed!

Dude, there is no "talking his way out of the situation" for Jack. I mean he's not going to die. But go to prison with TONY? Narrowly escape and hop a boat to Iceland? Man, I don't know. Some emotional confrontation with Chloe next week...everyone wants him dead. And the President? Does she go to Jail? I'm sad that every leader is freakin' corrupt. Logan's freak out was priceless. Best Actor nomination coming.

Juju said...

Oooo I would totally watch Prison Break: Jack & Tony!!!!!!!!