22 May 2010


I was late watching this season finale, partly because I had an event the night it aired, and then partly because I was in denial and didn't want to watch it. I don't want it to end!!

Secretary Walternate gets word that Our Walter was admitted to a hospital. The 2 Olivias arrive at the hospital at the same time, but ours gets to him first, and they drive off with William Bell. Walter's all better, thanks to the accelerated healing techniques, THANK GOD!

Other Olivia sees herself on the security footage and is all WTF.

Walternate explains to Peter that Walter's actions caused far more rips in time and space on his side of the universe. Most of Boston is quarantined because of the dangers. Other Olivia comes over and Peter's all, I like your hair better. Peter loves bangs and dark hair. Noted.

Walter and Bell work together to rig up a "doorstop" that will hold the door between the worlds open for a bit. They travel to Walternate's lab at Harvard - the area around it has clearly been affected by The Blight. Walter rips my heart open, yelling at Bell for the brain surgery that caused his 17-year institutionalization. Poor Walter. (And for the 1700th time, please give John Noble a freaking Emmy.) But then the boys work together, using Walternate's technology.

Olivia, meanwhile, confronts Other Olivia. Wonder if they'll share hair tips! Olivia wants to see Peter. But first - EPIC GIRLFIGHT! Our Olivia wins, and proceeds to dye her hair to match Other Olivia's. Sweet -- they did share hair tips!

Peter, meanwhile, is working on Walter's weapon (which he doesn't know is a weapon), and discovers that it requires him to operate it. Olivia arrives and tells Peter about the whole being-used-to-destroy-our-world thing. Olivia tells him he belongs back in our world -- because they belong together. Oh snap! They kiss, and, well, Peter did say he liked that hairstyle better.

Peter, Olivia, Walter, and Bell meet up with the doorstop, but of course Other Fringe Division arrives right away. Now both Olivias look the same and I immediately freak out, knowing there HAS to be a mixup at some point. Bell offers to sacrifice himself so that the door can be opened. Peter, Walter, and Olivia go through it - but which Olivia? Because I guaran-effing-tee you that's the other one.

Sure enough, she visits the Freaky Other Worldly Typewriter and passes on a message to the Other Universe: "Infiltration achieved. Awaiting orders."

In the Other Universe, Walternate is keeping Our Olivia locked up in a cell. Motherlover.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: He, Olivia, and Bell eat at KFC. And he's identified the herbs and spices, don't you know. Also, Astrid makes apple pie, because she cooks when she's nervous and Peter being gone stressed her out.

This Week's Code: WEISS. Now the advantage of watching the show late is that I can read a re-cap online and find out that that's the name of the Bowling Alley Dude who helped Olivia earlier this season. Plus that "A DEMONS TWIST RUSTS" was written on a chalkboard -- an anagram for "DON'T TRUST SAM WEISS". I love Kevin Corrigan, so I'm all for having that character back.

This show rules. The last half of the season in particular rocked hard. Love it and can't wait for a summertime massive re-watch.

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