03 May 2010


Walter goes on a pot-fueled labeling spree of the lab, and Olivia drops her niece off to be babysat. Olivia sure is smart! Luckily, Astrid is there too. Walter starts telling the girl an old-fashioned detective story, and that's how we get to our film-noir-musical setup. It actually turns out a little more like Glee mixed with Fringe as people burst into quick bursts of pop songs.

Olivia is a private detective, and she looks awesome! Rachel asks her to find her missing boyfriend, Peter. Later, Rachel is killed. (Only Walter would kill a kid's mother in a story he's telling that kid.) Broyles is Olivia's police detective pal - and he's as smooth a singer as you'd think.

Walter is a mad inventor - kind of a cross between the real him and Willy Wonka. He solidifies that idea by showing Olivia one of his projects - corpses who sing "The Candy Man." Anyway, the whole thing is a lovely little parallel of the Walter/Peter situation - stolen hearts, well-intentioned Walter.

And Pacey looked extra-good in his period clothes. *SWOON* I love that so much of this was 40s and yet there was a computer at Massive Dynamic. An olde tyme phone and a flat-screen computer. And Olivia had a cool-looking cell phone. They pulled the episode off well - it was fun, and wasn't 100% a musical, really there was barely any singing in it. It was more about the atmosphere.

Walter's Food of the Week: Besides his Brown Betty weed? Well, he eats tortilla chips and later Twizzlers (for the 100th time). But Brown Betty looked more fun.

This Week's Code: HEART. Well, of course.

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