06 May 2010

Fringe: All About The Pacey

Freak of the Week: A diner waitress in Washington State flirts with Peter and then is kidnapped when she leaves work. Kidnapped and has some nasty brain surgery stuff happen to her. Poor girl. Note to self: never flirt with Pacey. Nah, it'd be worth the brain surgery. Maybe not worth the death though, as our young waitress's body is found near the river the next day.

Martha Plimpton is the small-town sheriff. Hey! She used to be famous! Peter sees Newton at the scene and knows that part of the girl's brain is missing. Newton was using the information she had about Peter to locate him.

Peter does what he has to do - visits a gun shop in the middle of the night and goes all Tarantino-action-hero in a motel room. It's awesome. This episode also has shades of Fargo - Martha's a pretty kickass small-town cop. She and Peter make a nice team, and I thoroughly enjoyed their investigation.

Meanwhile, Walter's a mess. His house is a mess and he doesn't have food in the fridge and he's losing his mind. Um, Olivia, Astrid... he's crazy - can one of you please move in with him and take care of him? Olivia finds out where Peter is, and asks Walter to fly there with him. My heart hurts with anticipation.

It turns out that the waitress was just killed by a crazy dude on a milk farm. So all of Peter's sightings of and calls from Newton were all in his head. Or were they? Because at the end, in his hotel room, Peter is visited by Newton. And "the Secretary" -- the guy who walked over the bridge from the Other Universe. And that Secretary is just who we thought he was - WALTERNATE! "Hello, son." OH CHRIST!

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: He rants in a grocery store about the harm caused by chemicals in off-brand Pop Tarts. Mmmmmm. Off-brand Pop Tarts. He also mentions a need for Pudding Pops which, while awesome, I haven't been able to find in years. And I have tried. It looked like Astrid got him fudgesicles.

This Week's Code: RETURN.

Next week we get to see the Other Universe - which involves Broyles in a tight black tee shirt and Olivia with dark hair and bangs. I'm all in. ALL IN.

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