18 May 2010


After last week's detour into the history of Jacob and the Man In Black, we're here, less than a week from the end. This show is killing me.

Off the Island

Jack wakes up and has some blood on his neck. Hasn't this happened before, where like Island Injuries come bleeding into the Off-Island World?

He has breakfast with his son and Claire, and you know what - his kid's mom better not be Juliet or I'll lose my S. Juliet belongs with Sawyer. Anyway, he gets a call from Oceanic Airlines that they've found his father's coffin - only it's really Desmond calling him.

Desmond shows up to Ben and Locke's school, tells Ben that he is trying to get Locke to "let go" and proceeds to beat the crap out of Ben. As he beats him up, Ben has Island Memories.

Then Desmond goes to the police station and turns himself in to Sawyer and Miles for the hit-and-run and assault. This is the point where I start freaking out in the hopes that Desmond will be trying to reunite Juliet and Sawyer. And then I start imagining Miles as the Best Man. For now, though, Desmond's just in holding -- along with Sayid and Kate. We're getting the band back together!!! As they're being transported from the station, Desmond tells them they can break out. The driver of the police vehicle is Ana-Lucia, who pulls over and lets them escape (Desmond pays her off with Hurley's money).

Desmond gives Kate a dress and tells her they're going to a concert, and sends Sayid off with Hurley.

Locke goes to see Jack because Jack had said the same thing Desmond did, about "letting go." He's wondering if all of this is happening for a reason, if it's destiny that Jack fix him. Locke's ready to try the surgery.

On the Island

Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer want Locke dead for killing Sayid, Jin, and Sun. I agree. It's totally crappy that Locke didn't kill Jack instead. They set off to get Desmond out of the well, and Sawyer's all torn up from guilt. It's official - this show is all about Sawyer for me.

Hurley gets a jungle visit from the kid again - it's young Jacob, who turns into adult Jacob. Jacob says that he'll explain to the group why everyone has died, and that he'll tell them everything about protecting the Island - because one of them has to take over tonight.

Meanwhile, Team Awesome - Ben, Miles, and Richard - walk their awesome asses through the jungle to get some C-4 Ben had hidden so they can blow the plane to hell and prevent Locke from escaping. Widmore is there to greet them, and tells them he has already rigged the plane with explosives. Locke's on his way over and Richard volunteers to talk to him, maybe try to get him to leave with him and save everyone else.

Smokey shows up and takes out Richard, then Smokey Locke walks over to Ben. Locke needs Ben to kill a few people for him, and Ben agrees, quickly turning over Widmore and Liz Lemon. Locke slashes Liz Lemon's throat and tells Widmore that he's getting off the Island and the first thing he's going to do is kill Penny. Widmore whispers something to Locke, but then Ben shoots him dead. Damn, and here I was hoping Ben was setting a trap for Locke but it seems like he's totally on board with being his assassin. Locke's ready to find Desmond and make him destroy the Island with him.

Meanwhile, around the campfire, Jacob tells the group that he chose them because they were flawed and weren't happy in their lives. So he brought them here to be candidates to protect the Island. Once Kate became a mother caring for Aaron, Jacob had crossed her name from the list of candidates. He tasks them with choosing who will be the Protector, with the job of protecting the light at the center of the Island, and killing Smokey Locke. Jack volunteers. Of course he does. Jack wants to fix everything at all times.

Jacob does the whole cup ritual that his mother had done with him last episode, and passes on responsibility for the Island to Jack.

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BusyB said...

I really wish I got into that show! Everyone tells me how great it is, going to have to make sure next season!