13 May 2010


I'm so ready to have my mind blown with the first part of the Fringe finale. Let's begin.

Charlie's alive in the other universe. Oh hell yes! There's a whole badass, military Fringe Division in the Department of Defense and everyone looks HELLA BADASSSSSSSSS! There's too much to look at - Nixon on the quarter, crazy technology - I'm on overload and I can't see it all!!! And our Walter and Olivia are there watching the Other Olivia and team work! What?

The opening credits are different too - in keeping with that Bizarro Fringe theme. I freaking love it.

36 Hours Earlier....

Walter sees a tape of Peter leaving with Walternate (convenient surveillance camera? I don't know). He remembers that he was warned not to let Peter return to The Other Universe -- or else Peter will be responsible for the End of the World. So Olivia and Walter are on a mission to get Peter back and prevent a Bigass Other Universe Weapon from being unleashed.

Olivia has the ability to crossover, with the help of her fellow Cortexifan Kids. And it just so happens Massive Dynamic/The Government has rounded up the last 3 Cortexifan Kids like Professor Xavier and The X-Men, and they're working on harnessing their powers. OH SNAP this just turned into a superhero show! WOOHOO!

But before they save the world(s), the Cortexifan Kids get the night off. One dude goes around healing people while the other 2 have telepathically-enhanced sex. They're about to face a Bigass Other Universe Weapon - they deserve it.

They pass through to the Other Universe, but The Healer doesn't survive the jump. Other Olivia finds a $20 on his body, but it has Jackson on it, not Martin Luther King, Jr., like theirs. The team goes to visit Secretary of Defense Walternate with their odd findings (the DoD is housed in the shiny, bronze Statue of Liberty). They provide us with some backstory -- ever since 1985 there have been rips in the universe. I get the feeling crap has been slipping through, there's radiation, weird occurrences, etc., and that's what Fringe Division takes care of.

Peter wakes up (after having been asleep for 3 days) and has breakfast with his Mommy. I want to die at this point. And not just because Peter says, "I love bacon." YAY PETER AND MOMMY REUNION!!!! Mommy gives Peter something Walternate left for him to review - the plans for the Bigass Other Universe Weapon.

Olivia, Walter, Fire Chick, and Telepathy Dude make their way through Other-NYC to try to meet William Bell, and Fire Chick isn't feeling too perky. She's pretty much overheating and doomed to die. Unfortunately, Fringe Division shows up and busts up their party, Telepathy Dude is shot and killed, and Fire Chick dies when she tries to take out one of the Fringe Division. (She doesn't kill him because in this world you can be healed when you have third-degree burns over 90% of your body. Lucky dude.)

Walter and Olivia are separated and wander the streets. Olivia spies on Other Olivia, and William Bell shows up there too. He tells her Walter is in trouble and there isn't much time. But which one?

It turns out Walter was shot too and I want to die. He makes his way to a hospital and then passes out. Meanwhile, Walternate walks into a room that holds the almost-finished Bigass Other Universe Weapon. To be continued.

I'm about to blow your mind, OK? WHAT IF NEXT WEEK, WHEN THE TWO UNIVERSES ARE FIGHTING AND ONLY ONE SURVIVES, IT'S THE OTHER UNIVERSE THAT SURVIVES? And then next season would take place in the Other Universe. Just sayin'. I wouldn't be against it. Cuz Charlie's there.

This Week's Code: WEAPON.

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