16 December 2010

The Challenge: Cutthroat: Reunion

Paula has dark hair and looks like an even older cougar than she used to. Tyler still loves the deep V's. Abram's dressed like a polar bear. Really. If Tori announces she's pregnant I will vomit.

Laurel's end-of-season pledge to be nicer didn't stick. She immediately says she'll never do a challenge again because she doesn't want to share money with a bunch of assholes she hates. She says they all sucked and Abram copped out. I'm pretty sure she and Paula are drinking. Heavily. Paula might actually be high as a kite. I hate her, but that old bitch needs help.

Eric comes out halfway through so Laurel's dumb, disgusting ass can defend herself for the awful things she said about him on the show. She's clearly a mean drunk. Laurel claims she felt bad and apologized, but Eric threw her under the bus for doing the exact opposite of apologizing. I hate her. Tyler jumps in, saying they should stop reliving the past. Really? Because it's a Reunion Show, dumbass!! Maria freaking Menounos gets into it with Tyler, it's all a mess. Abram gets choked up and leaves the stage, saying that everyone's character sucks. I love him!!! Remember when Abram used to be the giant, fighting asshole? And now he's the righteous one!

Laurel cries and apologizes, but I don't buy it for a second. It seems really fake. Plus she's drunk.

I hate Laurel so much, but I sure hope she's on the next Challenge!

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