16 December 2010

The Challenge: Cutthroat

We open with Tyler v. Derrick in the Gulag.

Bye-bye: Derrick. Damn, I guess fatties are better at the pushing game than midgets.

Now it's Emily v. Paula. At this point, MTV screwed up and somehow skipped right through a segment. So when we comes back it's over and Paula is gone.

So it's only Jenn and Emily on the Blue Team. That's effed up.

The final Challenge is over 12 miles long, with checkpoints (oh, I'm sorry, Czech Points). Sarah starts crying before the race even begins, knowing she's not a long-distance runner. TJ follows along on his bike, it's adorable. He's taunting/encouraging the teams along the way.

Abram gets heatstroke or something along the way, passing out, seizing, and puking. Somewhere around the violent puking, his team decides he needs help. He gets taken out on a stretcher, and TJ bikes over to let his team know to continue without him. Some time later, Sarah starts puking her everloving guts out. Now that team's down to Luke, Laurel, and Cara Maria.

Winners: Dunbar, Tori, Brad, and Tyler. Ugh. Worst. Winners. Ever.

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