19 December 2010

It's a Christmas Miracle

Been a long time since I've done a personal post (this blog often gets the shaft in favor of quick-and-easy (read: lazy) Facebook), but I had a special occasion this week when Kim and Jackson visited. Jack's 20 months old, and somehow already knows all of his colors. Also, thanks to Aunt Jen, he also knows "Move", "Yeah", and "Me me me me me." I swear I don't recall teaching him that last one, but it sounds like something I'd say, so he probably just heard it and picked it up. He also enjoyed Baby's First Steak 'n Shake Milkshake and lots of good times at the local playground.

Jen's House might not have toys, but it has ducks, birds, tall grasses that tickle your face, and rocking chairs. That picture of him with the grass is so cute - he loved it there!

Jack also loved my bed - which got a lot of use on Saturday thanks to a rainstorm that ruined Flamingo Gardens plans. Snug-A-Bug!!

Of course, the biggest toy of all is Uncle Mike.

Speaking of Uncle Mike, he had the brilliant idea of taking Jack to The Rainforest Cafe. Here's a picture of what that looked like for the first half hour or so. (But it got better later, promise.)

Thanks for visiting - glad you guys got a couple days of sunny, hot weather!!


Karen said...

Dude, it is a Christmas miracle- a personal post! LOL at the Rainforest experience- sweet, sensitive Jackson. I would have been frightened of that place until age 12! And kids and Uncle Hat = moths to a flame. So cute! Glad y'all had a great time...no surprise!

Kim said...

Thanks for a great time :)