31 December 2010

The King's Speech

Here's a movie I thought I'd have to see on my own. But I forgot that Mike fancies himself a monarchy buff, and so he wanted to see it too.

The King's Speech is the story of the stuttering, reluctant King George VI, and mostly about his relationship with his speech therapist and friend. Not being a student of history, I knew nothing about the story going in. Colin Firth is really good as the King, and they're saying he's going to win the Oscar this year. It's not some big, showy performance, but rather one that makes you feel his struggle and frustration as he deals with both his speech defect and his duty to lead his nation.

It's one of those typical, reserved, quiet little British films that is often funny and always charming. Geoffrey Rush is also very good as the supportive, quirky therapist. Apparently the King and the therapist came to be quite good friends and lived happily ever after. That's just lovely. Anyone for tea?

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