09 December 2010


Freak of the Week: A guy cuts out another dude's heart and carries it in a cooler. The heartless guy was alive for a little while too. While heartless.

Olivia reports to work and gives Broyles the rundown of what happened Over There. She even fills him in on Other Broyles, but yet doesn't mention the tight black tee shirts. Missed opportunity, bitch.

The Team goes to investigate the now-dead heartless guy. Well, he's dead, but not decomposing like he should be. And in the meantime, the guy who took his heart has implanted it into a girl. He's been doing this a lot lately, taking back all of the organs the girl had donated after her suicide. Next up: corneas. Oh god, not the eyes!!! Not only do we have to see the surgery, but we see the dude after -- walking around with empty eye sockets. Oh the humanity!!

Peter and Olivia have the whole "I thought she was you" conversation and I LOVED IT! It was the most eagerly-anticipated confession since the Peter/Walter one. Oh, their interaction as he explains that he came back for her, and started seeing Faux-livia... I don't even want them to be together and I was holding my breath! Because there's nothing better than angsty, double-heartbreak! She took it well, but you could tell it bothered her. Then when she goes home she freaks out, disturbed by the fact that someone else was all up in her clothes and bed and stuff. Poor, poor Olivia. We never see her break down. She's a real girl with real insecurities! I've also gotta say that their interactions after the conversation are so authentically awkward and dismissive. It's perfection.

Anyway, back to our killer -- he's freaky as hell. He's reassembling this girl - and it's not even his daughter (which adds extra creepiness). He dresses her up in a ballet outfit and strings her up like a marionette. It's really effed up. Once he's done with that freakshow, he reanimates her. For real. It's pretty horrifying - she doesn't do much other than stare and look shocked. Poor thing just wanted to die and this asshole brings her back. By the time the team gets there, the girl has died (again) and the killer is freaked out too because she wasn't the same girl he remembered. He said he looked into her eyes and knew it wasn't her -- and that freaks out Olivia because Peter didn't know the difference. So they have ANOTHER heartbreaking conversation, where she says Faux-livia ruined everything, that she doesn't want to be with Peter anymore. The pain!!!

In the end, the Observer is back, observing (natch) Walter and Peter.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Strawberry milkshake with extra whipped cream. It's what he needs after a day like today.

This Week's Code: ADAPT.

Here's what I have to adapt to -- waiting until January 21 for a new one -- when it moves to the Friday Death Slot. UGH! This show is SO GOOD!

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