11 December 2010

The Challenge: Cutthroat

I've got 2 episodes to catch up on, because once again I forget this show is in my DVR. It's a two-parter anyway so it's better this way. I mean, I just wouldn't be able to live for a week with a cliffhanger! /sarcasm

Tori and Brad bitch at each other, boring challenge, blah blah blah.

Gulag: Tori v. Theresa (who?) and Johnny v Tyler.

Tori considers losing the Gulag on purpose because she doesn't think she can do the final challenge - she assumes it will involve a lot of running - and this way at least Brad can win for them. And their puppy.

At least we have Special Guests at the Gulag to liven things up - CT and Tina. CT's left eye looks bloody - is he ever not all busted up? Each contestant has to go up against our Special Guest - and whoever does better gets to stay.

In the Gulag, they're strapped to each other's backs and have to make their way over to the side of the ring. It usually involves rolling around and crawling and struggling. But OMG - it's hysterical - CT just stands up and walks with Johnny just flailing on his back like a human backpack. He beats him in 19 seconds. HAHAHAHAHA Johnny sucks. Tyler wins based on the fact that he's a big fattie and CT can't lift him.

Meanwhile, Tina sucks because she loses both matches. No one ever said Tina was athletic, did they? She just has a mouth and punches people.

Bye-bye: Theresa and Johnny.

Time for the next challenge. Tori gets a bloody nose. Waaaaaaahhhhh.

Gulag: Tyler v. Derrick and Paula v. Emily.

Aaaaand it's another "cliffhanger". Whatevs. Is that all we get of Tina and CT? Cuz let's be honest, it's not about what they do in the Gulag, it's about the drunken shenanigans. Oh well.

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