06 December 2010

Top Chef All-Stars

I'm so excited about this show because they really did pick the best chefs from past seasons! Like, every single one of these people is good! Yay! I'm expecting awesomeness -- and heartbreak at every elimination.

Stephen the Sommelier is fat as shit. That's the sign of a good chef. Casey and Jamie are still hot as ever - girl crushes in full effect. I still can't believe that Richard actually lost his season. OMG! I love Dale! It's really the perfect storm of awesome chefs, fun people, and personalities you want to murder (Tiffany, Angelo). The production even seems sleeker - new graphics and all. Is this the first time it's in HD or something? Everything just seems brighter and better.

Quickfire: Battle of the Seasons. Chefs work as a team within their season, making a dish based on their city. Richard makes mustard ice cream - OF COURSE HE DOES - to go with their deconstructed Chicago hot dog. *puke* Chicago wins.

Elimination Challenge: Make a dish using the same ingredients from the dish for which you got eliminated. That's cool. They can't deviate too much from what they did before. Spike even has to use frozen scallops again!

Criticism of the Day: Anthony Bourdain says Fabio's dish looks like an inside-out animal. And he was right!

Richard gets disqualified for the win because he was plating after the timer went off. Rules are rules, you skinny ass. (Seriously, chefs shouldn't lose weight.) So aside from him, Spike, Angelo, and Jamie are in the top.

Winner: Angelo.

Fabio, Stephen, and Elia are at the bottom. I have no problem with any of those - they all botched things pretty thoroughly. I feel bad because Stephen had to re-do Restaurant War recipes when he wasn't really responsible for them in the first place. Fabio bitched at Bourdain for bitching at him. Given these choices, I'd boot Elia.

Bye-bye: Elia. Yay! She didn't cook her fish properly and didn't improve her dish. Plus she was a stuck-up bitch about it. Adios, amiga!

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