28 December 2010

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Make stuffing. Yep, stuffing. Yum. For whatever reason, they are given the added challenge of not being able to use knives or other kitchen tools. So they're grating cheese on the pantry rack, tearing vegetables by hand, and stirring things with celery stalks. Tre and his awesome-looking Southwestern stuffing won. Yay Tre!

Elimination Challenge: It's a 2-team challenge based on the US Open -- so they go head-to-head, there's some kind of points system, oh who the hell knows - they always stretch for these themed challenges.

The team with Richard, Carla, Fabio, and more wins -- and Jamie's dumb ass never even gets to put her undercooked beans up. I still have a girl crush on Jamie, but I'm beginning to think she can't cook.

Winner: Carla and her African peanut soup. Looks yummy. Good for Carla!

Bye-bye: Spike. Damn. Jamie wasn't even on the chopping block because she didn't compete. But really that's her team's fault for not forcing her ass to serve her nasty stuff. And Spike shouldn't bitch about Angelo messing with his dish -- knock the douche out!!

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