22 December 2010

Top Chef All-Stars

Quickfire Challenge: Team mise-en-place and dish prep race. Always love those races. This time they're doing lamb, garlic, and artichokes. Richard, Spike, Trey, and Stephen won.

Elimination Challenge: Each team eats at a fabulous NYC restaurant and then each individual makes a dish that would be suitable for that restaurant. Two people will be sent home.

Big Fatty Stephen is a connoisseur of fine NYC dining. This comes as no surprise. Fabio has to make French-Vietnamese. Well, he's screwed.

Winner: Asian Dale. YAY! Asian Dale's the man, and his egg-dumpling breakfast dish looked cool.

Bye-bye: Stephen and Gay Dale. Wow, Fabio really skated by. Thank god I don't have to look at Stephen's fat face anymore.

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