02 December 2010


We begin with a replay of the epic scene where Peter finds out Olivia is trapped on the other side. After a couple hours of staring at the clock, Pacey walks out to the living room. I'm not even going to mention that he's in his underwear. Nope, not at all. (Hey, Olivia's been in hers enough on this show!) He starts snooping around her computer, and it doesn't take long for her to wake up and realize she's been caught.

She holds a gun on him and makes him inject himself with something to paralyze him for a few hours. Then Faux-livia heads to the Otherworldly Typewriter to let the other side know her cover's been blown and she needs extraction.

We get a combo credits sequence - both blue and red. SWEET!

Once Peter is himself again he calls in Broyles and Walter. Faux-livia left her laptop behind and took Peter's matching one by mistake, so now they gotta hack in there and see what's what.

Other Universe Time. Walternate's ready to switch the Olivias, but wants Olivia's brain first - for study. So they gonna cut the bitch apart and send her over dead!

Our Universe: Walter works on trying to figure out a way to crossover... while eating a bigass Portuguese pastry. Using said pastry, they determine where Faux-livia has been buying them - next to the Otherworldly Typewriter Shop. They get the last message from the typewriter's carbon or whatever, and determine where her rendezvous point is.

Other Universe: Broyles owes Olivia a solid for saving his son, so he feels compelled to help her. He visits her before her big surgery, and she begs him to get her into the water tank again, but he leaves. The bone saw starts up and then Broyles comes in to rescue her. They get to the lab... but the water tank no longer holds water. SECURITY ALARMS!

Olivia says they've got to try Walternate's lab in Boston, which will surely have a tank. It's always smart to have spares.

Here: Faux-livia meets up with a Shapeshifter, and he injects her a few times with something, but the team is hot on her tail. Faux-livia holds a chick hostage when she's caught, but Peter pieces together that the hostage is actually the Shapeshifter. Good thing he's right, because he pops her in the head. Faux-livia? Caught and cuffed.

There: Broyles and Olivia get to the lab, and, conveniently, it is pretty much like Our Lab. Olivia, having been in this thing 100 times, knows just what to do. She's got the whole salt/drug ratio down. They get caught just as Olivia gets in the tank, and there may have been some shooting, and Other Broyles might be dead.

Here: Astrid's in the lab when there's a splashing in the tank. Guess who's back???

In the meantime, Faux-livia crosses over from within the van -- and when she crosses over, she is exchanged with Other Broyles' dead, mutilated body. Broyles' face when he sees this is pretty damn priceless. R.I.P. Ripped, tight-black-tee-shirt-wearing Other Broyles. Loved ya!

That last piece of the Doomsday Machine that Faux-livia was gathering? Is now in the possession of someone over here who works for the guys over there.

This Week's Code: CROSS.

Hmmmm. That was all too-quickly wrapped up for me. I need an epic, 3-hour crossing-over episode! Though it looks like Olivia suffers some repercussions next week. Next week's episode looks like a return to a creepy, freak of the week case, but there's no way this universe stuff is over. Not yet. For God's sake - I need more Charlie!

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