19 June 2007

I Slept on This Hell's Kitchen Recap

I am so sad that Aaron is gone. He was truly one of the great reality show contestants. I mean, the man was cramping getting out of bed. Two guys had to help him get dressed. Then he fainted - hard - in the challenge, banging his head on the counter. LOL! After being hospitalized, Chef Ramsay told him to go home. Dagger! Without him the show isn't as entertaining. Aaron made Hell's Kitchen a sitcom.

Julia rocked the breakfast challenge because she works at a Waffle House. I've been to a Waffle House - they do move fast. Julia also loves to put her fingers in the food. I've been to a Waffle House - they do love to put their fingers in your food. (Still good!) Again, these aren't real chefs - if you can't make hash browns you are probably a 7 year-old child. Or Joanna. Seriously, all she had to do was heat them the whole way through. Pretty hard.

I wish Chef Ramsay had seen Jen digging spaghetti out of the trash, washing it, quickly re-boiling it, and attempting to serve it. I think we would have had our first reality show beheading. She should have been gone for that, because that's just plain gross. But so is Joanna and her rancid crab. I was sick of her voice anyway. Smell ya later, Joanna!

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