04 June 2007

Knocked Up

As a wise man once said, "It was good for a romantic comedy.....compared to You Got Mail or anything with Jennifer Lopez. But it was only OK compared to Something about Mary, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and anything with Will Ferrell."

Don't get me wrong -- I laughed. Hard. But this movie was more in the vein of a romantic comedy, so don't expect a dumb gross-out comedy, like I was. If you were ever pregnant you'd probably find it funnier too. My boy Jonah Hill steals the f-ing movie, as he usually does.

P.S.: It's also worth it to see Seacrest drop the F bomb. His scene's good too.


A. Speaker said...

Jonah Hill is good, but he's no Nick Swardson.

Kimberly said...

But were the shots of the vagina during the birth really necessary?

H said...