14 June 2007

Real World: Challenges Suck, Reunions are Cool

The only thing I learned from The Inferno this week is that steroids make your face break out (Derrick!). The shocking looked fake and the trivia challenges are always the lamest. You always have an idiot like Derrick. C.T. leaving is the reason Derrick’s there, and yet he doesn’t answer that C.T. was the first to leave. F-ing retard. Pretty smart to pick Aneesa for the Inferno, when it would make more sense to have her in the finals to let down her team. Evs.

Now to The Giant Ad for the Palms. Damn, I want to stay in the basketball suite. Actually, the bowling suite would be really awesome. When the guys were playing basketball against the chicks in the suite, they made it seem like the girls were really good. I was thinking that they were undercover WNBA players or something. But the final score was 15 to 2. Huh? The Real World confuses me.

It was a Sausage Fest "bachelor party" and a lamer "bachelorette party." It’s not a party til Trishelle is working the stripper pole. She said she took pole dancing classes for a movie role. Actresses actually do research to star in Vampire Cheerleaders??

"Gleek" is a new word for me. Or is it "gleak"? Frank and Alton both knew what it was – spitting water from your mouth. But it’s not spit. It’s water. It’s still gross.

I loved the end when Arissa was raving out about how trashed the suite was – and Stephen and Trishelle were so f’ed up it was hysterical. So slurry! Arissa packs her stuff and says she’s leaving. You only have to live there two weeks, girl! Suck it up!



It's "Ninja Cheerleader"...and it's going to be AWESOME!!!

Kimberly said...

I was totally going to call you out on "Ninja Cheerleaders" but damn diego beat me to it!