15 June 2007

Top Chef: Speaking of Testicles....

About the only contestant I can remember from this week's premiere of Top Chef is the big giant Lurch with the false testicle. How conceited are you if you get a false testicle? Or maybe it throws you off balance without it. I wouldn't know.

Well, I also remember the big lesbian and the white chick with the Jamaican accent. And Clay, the southern bumpkin without a culinary degree whose chef father committed suicide. He should have done well on the "weird meat" challenge considering his southern/Cajun/Creole cooking experience. But instead he was booted. And I like Tre, who won the challenge.

The challenge was enough to make me want to puke. I was eating dinner while watching, dammit! They cooked with "exotic" meats - rattlesnake, geoduck, kangaroo, and black chicken??!! WTF is a black chicken? It's a chicken that's black is what it is. It was the grossest thing I've ever seen.

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