14 June 2009

The Duel II Ends

And the winner of last week's interrupted challenge is: Aneesa. YAY!

Bye-bye: Tori. Too bad she didn't take Brad with her. Bye, MJ.

TJ gathers everyone together to tell them that only 6 people are going to the final, and there are 8 people left. The guys do a secret ballot to choose someone to go into the Duel. LOL that when Landon left to get the pens and paper the guys all decided to vote for him. The girls aren't pussies - they vote to each other's faces. Diem is picked.

Diem goes up against Brittini and Landon goes up against Brad. Diem makes the girls wait overnight to find out who she's going up against. That's great.

Bye-bye: Diem and Landon. He was either dumb or in a steroid rage because he forgets the rules of the game and just tackles and beats the crap out of Brad.

The final is the standard big race (80% uphill) with lots of mini-Duel checkpoints. LOL that Evan unnecessarily straps the mountain bike to his back before climbing the pole to get the key.

At one point the guys have to wait for the girls to catch up so they can partner together. Well that sucks for them having to wait. Mark's going to be waiting for Aneesa forever. Like Evan says, "You're going to be able to watch the sunset." I guess that was a way of making things a little more even, because the couples separate in the next checkpoint.

Winners: Rachel (who actually comes in overall first too) and Evan. Yay! Evan won by about 2 seconds and I'm glad. I like him the most, plus I hate Tori, plus he really had to fight to come from behind. Brittini and Brad get second place, and of course Mark and Aneesa bring up the rear.

I know there's a reunion special so I'll have to watch it tomorrow. Rumor has it Evan hooked up with someone!

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