22 June 2009

Jon: Free Man

That uppity bitch is finally gone. Good for you, Jon. Enjoy your freedom. And enjoy the child support payments.
After months of speculation, the 10-year marriage of Jon & Kate Plus Eight's stars Kate and Jon Gosselin appears to be coming to an end, a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE.

Documents to initiate a legal split were filed at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown, Penn., Monday afternoon.

Fans who have watched the couple's popular TLC show – or read the voluminous coverage of the Gosselin marriage in the press – will hardly be surprised: The duo had long maintained a tense relationship, with Jon recently telling PEOPLE he wanted a less high-profile life, while Kate appeared to remain committed to their TV career.



Karen said...

Now they have to rename the show!!! Nooooooo! Kate will be paying him. Isn't their house so big that Jon could just live in a different wing? Or in the stable?

Kim said...

I'm keeping Jon in my basement. He's hott.