19 June 2009

The Duel II: Reunion

The only thing to come out of last week's clips show wasn't much of a revelation: Everyone thinks Landon is gay. Except for Landon. Hell, even Landon's subconscious knows he's gay - he had a sex dream about Ryan. Some day he'll realize it and some day he and Ryan will hook up. My daydreams about that were more exciting than anything we got out of this reunion special.

Seeing the CT/Adam fight again was nice. Man, he really hit Adam square in the face. I wonder if CT will ever be on another show. Because on the one hand, he would stir up drama and be an ass, but on the other hand, he doesn't last more than 2 days before he punches someone and gets kicked out.

Otherwise, we just got more faux-lesbian faux-drama, plus Dunbar and Cougar Paula crap. The Evan/Paula crap is boring because it's totally about game play and strategy. I'd rather they fight over who gave whom herpes than who someone was supposed to vote for.

Brad and Tori are still together and still making me want to throw up.

News about people who weren't there: Robin is 9 months pregnant. Oh good lord. She'll probably bring her kid to the next Challenge. Katie's engaged to some dude. MJ's wife is having another kid. And Brooke's trying the lesbian thing again.

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