17 June 2009

SYTYCD: Performances

Judge of the Night: Lil C!! Crump is in the house tonight!

Cat's Hideous Frock of the Night: Oh good lord. It's this bright red ruffled number with a huge ruffle/bow on her shoulder. Just baaaad. Actually, without that shoulder thing it wouldn't be half bad. But the shoulder thing is what makes it a Cat dress.

1. Randi and Evan: Jive by some Some French Dude. It was fast-paced and good. They both just bother me though, only because they're short and stumpy. And I'm a bitch.

2. Melissa and Ade: Jazz by Sonya (love!). It was quirky-cool (I typed that before Mary Murphy said it, by the way) and they had all the good jazz hands going. Excellent.

3. Caitlin and Jason: Hip Hop by Shane Sparks (love!). Boo. I don't know if I wasn't feeling the choreography or what. I also think they didn't hit hard enough - Caitlin was too white and Jason was too smooth.

4. Janette and Brandon: Disco by Doriana Sanchez. It was ultra-fast, and this couple is always going to get some awesome lifts. He can lift anything and she's flexible and good at getting thrown around.

5. Asuka and Vitolio: Waltz by The French Dude. She should kill this - she's ballroom. It was pretty and really good. Much better than last week - maybe because they're more serious dancers than fun ones. They're made for this type of routine, not character pieces.

6. Kayla and Max: Pop Jazz by Some Other Dude. It was quirky and quick. I still don't really like them personally, but they were good.

7. Karla and Jonathan: Contemporary by Some New Chick. It was good. He's a little dull, but there was a lot of throwing around.

8. Jeanine and Phillip: Tango by Tony Meredith. They know nothing about ballroom... and it showed. It looked like work, they weren't confident, and they didn't display any personality.

9. Ashley and Kupono: Hip Hop by Shane Sparks. I liked the starting bit with her on the ground. It was way better than the other hip hop, but they seemed to always be playing catch-up with the moves. It just didn't fit them. Shane Sparks needs to choreograph dancers that can actually handle his stuff.

There's really going to be a show on FOX called More to Love which is basically The Bachelor For Fatties? Good lord, it's like a Saturday Night Live skit.

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