25 June 2009

SYTYCD: Performances

Finally caught up on the Performances show, since I was at the movies last night.

1. Karla and Jonathan: Hip Hop by Dave Scott. They didn't hit hard enough, as usual. It was too smooth and jazzy. And maybe it was supposed to be kind of smooth, but that made it boring too.

2. Asuka and Vitolio: Jazz by Mandy Moore. It feels like the routine was made slower, like they couldn't handle faster choreography so stuff was taken out to make it simpler. This show isn't blowing me away like it has in the past....

3. Melissa and Ade: Samba by Tony Meredith. They could be my favorite couple. They're both really likable and good.

4. Janette and Brandon: Hip Hop by Dave Scott. I really can't stand her hairstyle. It makes me want to vomit. Brandon did a bunch of popping and locking! OMG! I have a feeling he has the ability to pick up any choreography. I'm still waiting for Mia Michaels to get her hands on him since she hated him so much.

5. New partners Kayla and Kupono: Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc Généreux. It was pretty and lovely and fine.

6. Randi and Evan: Contemporary by Mia Michaels. The dance is butt-themed. I'm not lying. How random. The routine was quirky and interesting, and dammit I don't want to like Evan but I do. He's really good!

7. Caitlin and Jason: Paso Doble by Jean-Marc Généreux. It was pretty good, but didn't seem to be as powerful as it should have been. I really like Jason though - he has great lines. And was dressed like something out of 300.

8. Jeanine and Phillip: Broadway by Tyce Diorio. It was cute. High energy and she was cute in her old timey ponytail. And I love Phillip as usual.

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