18 June 2009

SYTYCD: Elimination

Cat is wearing a totally normal and tasteful and stunning and simple white pantsuit. Plus her hair is simple and flowing. And she looks great! What's going on? Has the world turned upside down? Nothing makes sense anymore! Shouldn't there be a giant purple flower on the back or something? Oh wait - her bra is showing a bit in the front. Perfect then.

Bottom Three Couples:

No surprises here either, really. They are totally different couples than last week, and yet they are the ones who sucked the most this week. This is the fairest show ever!!

Caitlin and Jason. His solo was really good.

Ashley and Kupono. She actually had a little character and performance in her solo; I liked it.

Kayla and Max. That girl annoys me, but she's strong. Max danced to "Footloose" and I threw up a bit in my mouth.

Solos are weird. Unless you're a hip hopper.

Bye-bye: Ashley (they wanted more substance, less style in a solo) and Max. I'm down with that. I always hate the Russians.

So next week, Kayla and Kupono will be paired up. That might be interesting, since she's such a strong dancer.

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