25 June 2009

SYTYCD: Elimination

Oh, Cat. I love you and your crazy flowing pantsuit thing. You gorgeous minx. I want to be Cat Deeley. I also want to be Tabitha because she's awesome and Napoleon is a fox. Their group choreography was sexy and great.

Of course they gave a shout-out to Michael Jackson, in addition to the other two of the Celebrity Death Trifecta. MJ made sense, but I don't think Ed and Farrah had anything to do with dance. Moving on....

No surprises here, once again. Let's hear it for the Fairest Show Ever. Bottom Three Couples:

Asuka and Vitolio. Poor Asuka and her lack of solo-dancing skills. Ballroom dancers always lose out there. He creeps me out, but he was good.

Karla and Jonathan. I thought they had the best solos. Unless she kind of fell at the end there - couldn't tell if that was on purpose or not. (She must have stumbled, because Nigel said she was off-balance and off-center the whole time. What do I know.) Jonathan was really good.

Caitlin and Jason. Her solo was stronger than his. I like Caitlin's gymnastic style. He seemed a bit desperate.

Bye-bye: Asuka and Jonathan. Jesus, I thought he was good. Once again -- what do I know? So now Karla and Vitolio will be paired up next week, sucking it up all over the place.

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