03 June 2009

SYTYCD: I Love Vegas Week

Now that we're past the dregs of society auditioning, we're in the real meat of So You Think You Can Dance. There are 172 of the nation's best dancers, auditioning in Las Vegas. And it's crazy. Intense, emotional, with injuries and tears. The judging is often harsh. I mean THEY CUT NATALIE!! She was so good - and Sonia's favorite - but I guess she screwed up her jazz audition when it really mattered. Poor thing. The judges get really bitchy with the dancers, but what I love is that they're really passionate. They'll curse out one dancer because they're disappointed and then cry with joy at the performance of another. They love what they do. And I love them for it. I mean, I love everything about this show, but I really love the judges/choreographers. Mia, Adam, Lil C, Sonia, Tabitha & Napoleon, and Debbie Freaking Allen -- I can't choose a favorite.

So we start with 172, who perform solos before 45 are sent home right away. More go home after a hip hop routine, then ballroom, and then a jazz routine. Sometimes they'd make a dancer dance for their lives right away, or do the routine over. It's freaking grueling.

This leaves 73 for the final round, wherein they form random groups and choreograph their own routines. Groups always lead to tension, and of course they're up all night. Some are just a damn mess. They really need choreographers.

68 go on to the next stage - a Mia Michaels contemporary routine, which is always challenging and demanding. Then a West Side Story routine - 1 for girls, 1 for guys.

By the end all of the judges are crying along with the dancers. GODDAMMIT I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! 16 girls and 16 guys move on to solos... and we find out the Top 20 tomorrow.

So far I like the Asian Gymnast Looking Dude (Alex), the Asian Ballroom Dancer Chick (name unknown) and the Pasty White Balding Brothers (Evan and Ryan), who don't look like typical dancers, but are damn good. No one else really stands out, except maybe Brandon. I know they're holding out on showing all of the good contemporary male dancers, they have to be.

They made it look like the Brothers were going to be going against each other tomorrow - like they're the last 2 guys to choose between. That would be some sweeeet drama!

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