07 June 2009

The Duel II: I Hate MTV

I hate MTV because when there's finally a Duel that I care about, they end it on a "to be continued." Are you kidding me!?

I love this show because the guys aren't afraid to be gay. Landon catwalking in a bikini made of juice boxes. MJ tucking in Evan and kissing him on the forehead.

I hate women. Why does Tori have to harangue Brad about getting a job in the middle of a TV show? Wait and have the conversation at home without cameras, bitch. Nice that she's so willing to part with the ring and break up. I gotta side with Brad on this one. I think he was trying to speak reasonably with Tori (again, this environment isn't the place to have a "serious relationship conversation") and she didn't want to listen, just whining and running away. Finally, he gets her away from the house and they talk. I really hope they don't get married. I hate that bitch. Not that I love Brad, but I really hate her.

It's a spelling challenge, with some heights added in for good measure. Oh god, they're all idiots. Tori and Diem are freaking out over the height, but they've been way higher before, right? And taken way longer falls too. I think they're just afraid to show how truly stupid they are.

I mean, OH MY GOD! ANEESA CAN'T SPELL EXERCISE!!!! Brittini (who evidently can't spell her own name either) spelled "freight" FRATE! Brad spelled "throne" THRON! Jesus.

Winners: Rachel and Evan, despite the fact that Mark is "57 years old and has had a lot more time to learn words." Evan said that, but I was thinking it.

Last picked: MJ and Aneesa. MJ goes up against Brad and Aneesa chooses Tori.

I was begging Aneesa to kick Tori's ass. Begging. It looks close and then it's to be continued. Great. They showed MJ in the preview for next week though, I believe. They sure didn't show the girls. Dammit!

Some day I have to make a Challenge Drinking Game. So far I know these key words and phrases will be in it:

"support system"
"I'm a force to be reckoned with"
"This is a game"
"It's nothing personal"
"my only friend in the house"

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