11 June 2009

SYTYCD: Elimination

We are treated to the first group performance of the season. A lovely "homeless hip hop" routine. I think they were all wearing Derelique. How did I know The Black Eyed Peas were going to be all over this season?

Cat's wearing a pretty normal dress, but she has dog-collar bracelets on, so she makes up for it.

No surprises here. I have a feeling these will be the first 6 people eliminated this season. They're the weakest dancers.

Bottom Three Couples:

Paris and Tony. Her solo stinks. His is OK, but I wonder if the judges will think he's too one-note.

Asuka and Vitolio. It's hard for ballroom dancers to do solos, so hers isn't great. His is definitely strong.

Karla and Jonathan. She is OK; he is energetic and good.

These chicks suck on solos. But I think it'll be Paris and Tony.

Bye-bye: Paris and her Giant Chin. Good. And Tony. Yep, I figured. So the couples stay the same next week.

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