09 February 2010


Jack and his German Glasses pay a visit to Vlad. Can I say right now how much I love watching Kiefer Sutherland and Callum Keith Rennie face off? IT'S AMAZING!! They drink vodka out of big-ass shot glasses and I want them to be together all day long. I just want Jack to lose those glasses first.

This episode of 24 is brought to you by J├Ągermeister, featured in the Bad Russian Guy Sergei's closet. Vlad calls Sergei and is all, Hey I hear you have materials, I have a buyer for said materials. Sergei's all, I don't have nuclear rods, you're retarded.

Unfortunately for me (and I did NOT see this coming), Renee stabs Vlad to death (quite awesomely, crazily violently) after he punches her square in the face. DAMMIT! No more Callum Keith Rennie for me. *pout* It was pretty cool though because Renee really just spazzed out, stabbing him through the eye and then repeatedly in the chest. Holy lord. She also accidentally stabs Jack. Oops.

Sergei's people show up - and Jack lets them take him so he can do business with them. They take him through the sewers, natch, so now CTU can't track him.

To steal a line from one of my Facebook friends, Jack Bauer says "nucular". No one corrects him, because he's Jack Bauer.

Someone finally references that the UN is up past their damn bedtime. It's 10 PM, I think peace should wait til morning.

Starbuck and Her Unending Subplot of Suck continues. She helps guide Rape Van Kevin into the evidence building. Rape Van Kevin, unsurprisingly, is retarded and it takes him a while to find the evidence. For god sakes, man, move it along! This is taking up precious time!! His buddy is even dumber, sticking around to shop in the evidence room when he should be getting the hell out of there. Keep getting your fingerprints all over everything, dumbass! Aaaand of course a cop comes into the building. Aaaand of course Rape Van Kevin's buddy beats the crap out of the cop before they run off. That's smart.


Karen said...

* Note, it offends many Americans to use the word "retarded." You used it twice. :-)

1. Did not see the Renee freak out coming either... And Jack is man enough to handle a little stab wound.

2. Dana's friends are idiots. And she's an idiot for helping them

3. Happy the Hunchback was back yelling at people to get their act together.

Juju said...

* Note, many Americans can kiss my fat retarded ass.

Bobby Z said...

As someone who still uses "retarded" and "gay" (and has gotten in trouble for it) I see Jen's point.

- I really want to learn that move where you take a knife out of your stomach and throw it in someone's throat - awesome ! Jack can take a stabbed liver like a champ - luckily that was moved a long time ago...

- Also, not sure that was "Yagermeister" I think it was "Lagermeister" - might have been a near brand Art Department special (i notice these things too - but glad you did as well ! )

- If I were writing the show I would have had Dana convince the bf to suicide by cop and just get it over with...