21 February 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design for kids. That's a first I think. At least they don't have to whore it up with a pageant look or something. That would be douchechill-inducing.

They get a second challenge once their looks are just about done: make a companion design for your regular models.

I liked a lot of them actually. Really liked Anthony and Jesse and Jay. I loved Emilio's adult look. It may have been monotone, but it was a really pretty dress.

Amy's was totally crazy (those pants!) but I thought it was cool and a good risk. The judges didn't.

Hey Mila, enough with the color-blocking. I hate that and it seems so like 5 years ago. Or 1980s.

Winner: Seth Aaron. Yes, I'll concede that his was great, even if it means my man Jay came in second.

Bye-bye: Janeane. Totally agree with sending her boring, blah ass home instead of Amy's imaginative one.

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Kim said...

This was such a fun episode!