24 February 2010


My digital cable kept pixelating last night. Pixelation does not lead to conducive Lost viewing. Lots can happen in the 5 seconds the sounds drop out or the video jumps. So I gave up early and watched it on Hulu tonight. And I was pretty disappointed. Not that I expect a lot from a Jack episode.

Non-Island Jack notices his appendix scar, for the first time apparently. I know this scar has appeared and disappeared at different times, so that's semi-significant. He also has a kid -- a sullen, douchey kid. Yep, must be his. His kid auditions for a music conservatory. The Japanese Temple Guy has a kid auditioning too. The end. DULL!

Things aren't much more exciting on the Island. Jacob appears to Hurley in the Temple and gives him directions for him and Jack to follow. They end up at a lighthouse, the latest in a series of new buildings on the Island. Jack sees a reflection of his childhood home in the mirror and promptly acts like his usual dick self, pitching a fit and destroying the mirrors.

Jacob tells Hurley that all he really needed was to get them away from the Temple because someone's about to go on a rampage there. Also, he needed to put Jack on a path of staring at the ocean to determine his destiny. Why can't you put Jack on a path to jumping into the ocean, Jacob?

Meanwhile, Dirty Claire has been on her own for 3 years. She lives in a handmade nuthouse, complete with a "baby" made of an animal skull and god knows what else. She's been looking for her baby this whole time and is convinced the Temple Others have him. Jin tells her Kate has been raising him, but after she gets all stabby against an Other with an axe, he tells her that Aaron is at the Temple and he will take her to him. She's all, "Good, because if Kate had really raised Aaron, I'd kill her."

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