01 March 2010

The Real World: DC

Andrew continues to mack on gross orange chicks. At least this time he actually gets laid.

Josh's girlfriend is visiting again, because they insist on subjecting me to their Philly accents. Despite banging hoodrats, he doesn't break up with her. Have I mentioned lately that Josh is scum? Because it gets better....

After his GF leaves, Josh brings another chick home and then, in the time she takes to pee, he calls his GF and lets her know he's making out with other chicks. So now he can bang her with a clear conscience I guess? And then as his GF's crying he just goes, "I gotta go, alright?" And hangs up and proceeds to the hot tub and bed. Asshole.

Something happens that seems to happen every season - a random hoochie "disrespects" one of the girls - and in her own house, no less! Then, when one of the guys tries to stop her from flying off the melodramatic handle (Ty/Emily, in this case), that only makes things worse and the girl ends up highly offended.

You know what's better than Emily writing poetry? Kids writing poetry and giving themselves snaps for it. And then Emily and Ty fighting a lot. Snoooooore.

At least we end on a good note - with a drunken Ty pushing Andrew over the front porch, down onto the concrete below. AHAHAHAHAHA That's so good on so many levels. Tune in next week to see if Andrew survives.

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Kim said...

I'm too old for this shit.