02 March 2010

Lost: Sayid Loves To Kill People

Non-Island Sayid meets up with Nadia, but this Nadia is married to his brother and they have kids. Dagger. Sayid's brother owes some people money, and wants Sayid to get all Iraqi Torturer on their asses to get them to back off. He doesn't, and his brother gets the beatdown. Sayid ends up killing the guys, and he also finds Jin tied up in their hideout. Right before Sayid opened the door, I totally knew it was going to be someone we knew. Seriously, this whole connectivity thing is getting cutesy.

Shout-out to the costume designers this season - Island Sayid is looking fine in his black tank top and pants. It's very sleek and looks like a catsuit. Sayid and Japanese Dude have an Epic Fight, but Japanese Dude stops just short of killing him -- when he sees a baseball roll off the table. Ooookay.

Smokey!Locke sends Claire into the Temple, and she tells Japanese Dude that Locke wants to see him. He refuses, and instead throws her in the hole and instructs Sayid to kill Locke.

Sayid ventures out into the jungle and encounters Locke. Sayid stabs him in the heart, but Locke pulls out the knife and gives it back to Sayid. Turns out, Japanese Dude knew Locke wouldn't die, and was instead hoping Locke would immediately kill Sayid. Locke sends Sayid back to the Temple with a message of his own: "There's a dude out in the jungle who wants to leave the Island. Either join him by sundown or DIE!"

The baseball turns out to relate to a son Japanese Dude had, a son he killed in a drunk driving accident. He came to the Island after being visited by Jacob, who told him his son could come back to life if Japanese Dude would move to the Island and be his bitch. Sayid is apparently not moved by this story, because he throws Japanese Dude down and drowns him. R.I.P. Japanese Dude.

Once Japanese Dude is dead, the Temple is unprotected. Smokey comes to visit and starts killing people left and right. Ben and his gang show up, and Ben can clearly tell something's off with Sayid. Once Smokey's done with his rampage, Claire, Sayid, and a bunch of randoms meet Locke outside of the Temple. So I guess "It's on?"

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