30 March 2010


Island Jin is in the jungle camp with Smokey Locke's crew. I love the nighttime jungle scenes on this show. Everyone is taken out with paralyzing darts by that Liz Lemon chick, and her goons nab Jin.

Smokey Locke finds Sun and tells her he knows where Jin is, but she doesn't fall for his smokey BS. As she's running from him, she runs into a tree and suddenly can only speak Korean. Wow, this is some soap opera-quality stuff here.

Locke comes back to his jungle camp to find that everyone's all tranquilized and stuff. He's bitter that Jin's missing. He heads over to Hydra Island and meets up with Charles Widmore. They kind of face off but do nothing. Next thing you know, Charles is with Jin showing him pictures of his daughter. Hey - Charles Widmore stole Sun's camera! Bastard! He tells Jin that Locke can't leave the Island or everyone ceases to exist. Mmm-kay.

Non-Island Jin and Sun aren't married, but they're still banging (and I bet she's pregnant). Jin's in the US to deliver money for her father, but the money is confiscated at the airport.

That Kickass Bad Dude (You know the one. Yep, that one.) shows up for the money. Turns out Sun's father was paying that dude to kill Jin (cardinal sin to bang the boss's daughter). Kickass Bad Dude nabs Jin and we're back where we were in the Sayid episode - he's got Jin tied to a chair in a restaurant refrigerator. After Sayid kills the dudes he gives Jin a boxcutter to free himself and then Jun ambushes the guy bringing back Sun. He shoots him in the eye (nice!), and Sun is shot as well. And also - yep - she's pregnant. Sometimes Lost is so damn obvious I finish the dialogue out loud. Sometimes it does crazy stuff. I think I prefer the crazy stuff.

This episode bored me to tears. How sad. It simultaneously dragged and jumped around way too much. One second Locke was with his group, the next he was with the other, the next he was on Hydra. Oy. The only relief was found through Ben, Sawyer, and Miles, per usual.

The end gave me some hope, though, as we see Desmond is with the Widmore crew, apparently against his will. Desmond! Penneh!

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