01 March 2010


The mission: to rescue The Brother With The Silken Locks. It's like Rapunzel or something. Only he gets shot just as Jack & Company arrive. They do the usual thing of trying to stabilize him long enough to get him to talk. Cuz it's easy to identify traitors when you're bleeding out from 2 shots to the gut. R.I.P. Silken Locks. CTU decides to pretend he's still alive, and have the news report he's been injured, in hopes of drawing out the people who killed him. And they really once again hammer you over the head with the Inexperienced CTU Red Shirt. It's been 3 episodes now -- we get it. He's young and inexperienced and destined to die.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Starbuck start cleaning up their little mess of murdered guys, drowning their bodies in the conveniently-located nearby body of water. Yep, because you'll totally be able to get away with that - no worries! It's nice that CTU can hold everything together when 2 key employees are MIA, isn't it?

President Pompadour's daughter is in love with the one dude that he's accusing of conspiring against him. She helps him break out of custody and they get to banging. President Hassan has a lot of effing family issues. Don't bring your home drama to your job, man.

Director Bubba mans up and tells the Chief of Staff that he's not pressing charges on Renee and to STFU about it and mind your business. Rob gets a bit huffy when Bubba hangs up on him.

New Subplot of the Week: There's an American among the Bad Guys (there always is), and he calls his mommy (there's always a family member that has to be warned) and tells her to leave the city. Don't ask why - just leave the city. Because that's not suspicious. Man, Mare Winningham is old.

The Bad-Guy Kid dons a bomb-vest and heads into the hospital for Silken Locks -- and right into the path of our CTU Kid. It's really ridiculous how panicked they make this CTU Kid -- as if he's 18 and never held a gun before. I just highly doubt that CTU employs field agents like that - I mean, Chloe kept it together under pressure in the field WAY better than this kid.

Going off of a screenshot of a security camera image of the bomb-vest, in approximately 6.5 seconds, Chloe determines how to disarm it remotely. Neat trick. As Jack barges into the hospital room, the Bad-Guy Kid jumps out the window and limps his ass into another part of the hospital into some sort of weird sealed room. It's sealed like a vault -- a hyperbaric chamber or something. At least you can still make cell phone calls within this chamber. He calls his bosses and they say they'll try to talk him through manually detonating the vest.

This is not as bad-ass as it should be. Next week looks to be more of the usual - Jack threatening to kill Bad-Guy Kid's mother to strongarm him out of the chamber. Looks boring.


Karen said...

I just want a recording of Jack saying "Owen, you can do it, Owen" to play for our son all his life. Find it and you'll be the best Aunt ever.
1. I'm amazed how easily window glass breaks if you try to launch yourself out the window
2. CTU rookies are allowed to be scared. Maybe he chose this career path to please his father- really he wanted to be a songwriter.
3. Dana is dumb and Cole is dumber for going along with it. I would have sold her out. I love how next week Kevin's Parole officer is searching for him at 1am.
4. I now have hope that even if our children turn out to be terrorists, that they can still have a heart to call me and warn me of danger. Criminals love their Mamas

Juju said...

Yes, I nearly wrote "Guess my sister's glad she named her kid after a weak, sniveling 24 character." Because, of course, my son's name would be Jack Bauer. :)

LOL at everything you said, but especially the window glass. I'm trying to imagine hurling myself out the window here at work - I think I'd bounce off.