20 March 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a daytime and an evening look inspired by a NYC neighborhood. And it's a Team Challenge. Oy.

Anthony and Maya are my Dream Pairing. They got Chinatown. They're just OK, I wasn't really blown away, but they were good enough. Too much black. I did like the casual jacket though.

Amy and Jonathan - Dream Pairing II - Upper East Side. I loved Amy's top. The dress Jonathan made had some crazy-cool detailing on it.

Emilio and Seth Aaron - Harlem. They made a cute denim jumpsuit and a gross zippered dress.

Jay and Mila. Poor Jay. East Village. Goddamn Mila did her black and white crap again! And put it over red tights too! Haaaate. Jay made some cool pants.

Winner: Emilio and Seth Aaron. They loved Emilio's damned zipper dress. Jesus.

Bye-bye: Amy. Booo. I guess I'm OK with it, because it was between Amy and Jay, two of my faves, and let's face it - Amy is way out there sometimes. But damn, I actually liked that top! Heidi called it ugly. My taste level is impeccable.

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