28 March 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design your own fabric for your look. That's totally fun! Five bucks says Mila uses black and white color blocking.

I love Anthony and Jay and I want them to end up together. Even if Jay does insist on wearing those damn denim shorts. Once he changes to green pants, Anthony calls Jay a gay Christmas tree. LOL!

They all love their fabrics so much - it's adorable. I love most of them too. Seriously, this is the most fun challenge in a long time - and finally something new and different.

Mila doesn't do black and white, but it's still color-blocky. It's all white with these stripey colors and looks like something a kid would wear, like it was made with magic markers. It's her usual crap; I'm sure the judges will cream themselves over it.

I hate to admit Seth Aaron's was cool, but Seth Aaron's was cool, and totally different.

I liked Jonathan's print, but it was definitely pale and washed-out. He had a crazy backwards jacket that the judges all mocked, calling it a straight jacket. Nina said it made her sad. "But is sad not an emotion?" Oh just what America wants - clothes that make us sadder.

Loved Maya's, and really loved her fabric.

I loved Emilio's dress, even if I didn't love the print. It definitely didn't read the way he intended, but it was a great color.

Jay's print distracted me (wasn't it essentially a green zebra stripe?), but I liked the structure of the jacket.

Anthony's was a bit of a mess, and Mila's was a goddamn hot mess - it looked half-finished and childish. Her model couldn't even walk in the damn thing.

Winner: Emilio. He had the kind of print that could have gone either way with the judges, and what do you know - they loved it.

Bye-bye: It wasn't Mila, which makes me very distressed. It was Anthony. NOOOO! Even if he wasn't always fabulous, he was always funny and I loved him. He had such a nice, positive attitude about getting kicked off too. YAY! OK, if he's not sad, then I won't be either. But I'll miss the way he says "Tim" with 2 syllables. Now go Maya and Jay!!!

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Kim said...

Jay will seek redemption for his boyfriend, just you wait. I need a behind-the-scenes PR special about all the hook-ups, please.
i hated Emilios print. So weird that they loved it!
And Seth Aaron is going to win this.